Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin (7 June 1848 – 8 May 1903) was a leading Post-Impressionist painter. His bold experimentation with coloring led directly to the Synthetist style of modern art while his expression of the inherent meaning of the subjects in his paintings, under the influence of the cloisonnist style, paved the way to Primitivism and the return to the pastoral. He was also an influential exponent of wood engraving and woodcuts as art forms.

Paul Gauguin was born in Paris, France to journalist Clovis Gauguin and half-Peruvian Aline Maria Chazal, the daughter of proto-socialist leader Flora Tristan. In 1851 the family left Paris for Peru, motivated by the political climate of the period. Clovis died on the voyage, leaving three-year old Paul, his mother and his sister to fend for themselves. They lived for four years in Lima, Peru with Paul's uncle and his family. The imagery of Peru would later influence Paul in his art.

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Breton landscape (2) - Paul Gauguin -
Breton landscape (2)
Breton Women at a Fence - Paul Gauguin -
Breton Women at a Fence
Breton Village In Snow - Paul Gauguin -
Breton Village In Snow
Fruit2 - Paul Gauguin -
Watercolor 38 - Paul Gauguin -
Watercolor 38
Cabane sous les arbres - Paul Gauguin -
Cabane sous les arbres
Breton Shepherdess - Paul Gauguin -
Breton Shepherdess
Garden in the Snow - Paul Gauguin -
Garden in the Snow
Watercolor 12 - Paul Gauguin -
Watercolor 12
Port De Grenelle - Paul Gauguin -
Port De Grenelle
On the abyss - Paul Gauguin -
On the abyss
Geese On The Farm - Paul Gauguin -
Geese On The Farm
Auti Te Pape 2 - Paul Gauguin -
Auti Te Pape 2
Watercolor 22 - Paul Gauguin -
Watercolor 22
La Groue Farm, Osny - Paul Gauguin -
La Groue Farm, Osny
Three Huts, Tahiti - Paul Gauguin -
Three Huts, Tahiti
Riverside - Paul Gauguin -
Hillside - Paul Gauguin -
Portrait Of A Woman - Paul Gauguin -
Portrait Of A Woman
China Asters  Hat And Book - Paul Gauguin -
China Asters Hat And Book
River Bank In Winter (study) - Paul Gauguin -
River Bank In Winter (study)
Untitled - Paul Gauguin -
Cail Factories And Quai De Grenelle - Paul Gauguin -
Cail Factories And Quai De Grenelle
Cow In A Meadow  Rouen - Paul Gauguin -
Cow In A Meadow Rouen

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Page 27 of 33   Paintings: 789